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Production process and product application of sodium polyacrylate
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Production process and product application of sodium polyacrylate

Production technology

Acrylic acid was added into the reactor and neutralized with sodium hydroxide solution to form sodium acrylate monomer. Sodium polyacrylate was prepared by removing water from the system, concentrating sodium acrylate, adjusting pH value and adding catalyst persulfate.

[product use]

It is used as thickener and stabilizer in sauce products, thin milk and tomato sauce. It is used as dispersant in fruit juice and sprinkling. It can improve the taste and enhance the stability of ice cream. The surface gel of frozen and processed aquatic products can keep fresh. It can be used in pastry and noodles to improve the utilization of raw materials, improve the taste and flavor, with the maximum of 0.05%. Dried some canned food, aquatic products, dried laver, can strengthen the organization, keep fresh and enhance the taste. It can also change the protein structure, enhance the dry elasticity of food and improve the tissue.