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Special emulsifier for quick frozen products
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Our company is a professional manufacturer of food emulsifier and functional food ingredients, especially for the emulsifier used in quick-frozen products and instant noodles. The company introduces the latest technology and complete sets of equipment from South Korea, and pushes the products to the market to replace the imported products. The product has high viscosity, good solubility and high emulsifying stability. The soluble molecule contains hydrophilic gene and lipophilic group, which can meet the six functions of dispersion, salt resistance, heat resistance and preservation required in the production process of food raw materials. It is a nutritional emulsifier.

[product performance]

(1) In the role of quick-frozen products: reduce the generation of frost, control water loss, prevent the surface hardening of dumplings and oil oxidation. After being cooked, the speed of retrogradation is slowed down, and its softness and color are normal at normal temperature. It can keep dry and crack for several days at normal temperature. It can reduce the use of oil and reduce the cost. The cooked dumplings can last for more than 20 minutes, and can be boiled in the waste water for a long time without revealing the stuffing.

(2) The role of cold drinks Because emulsified oil has excellent water solubility, whiteness and anti ice solubility, it is more convenient and economical to use it in ice products than adding asphalt and vegetable oil. It also makes the ice cream emulsified, has uniform and fine organization particles, inhibits oil floating, increases air bubble and water stability, reduces crystallization of high melting point oil, prevents oil from floating and protects ice cream from "sanding", Increase the ice cream delicate, smooth, soft, refreshing taste, good shape retention performance.

(3) Functions of instant noodles, dried noodles and macaroni: anti oxidation, anti-aging, prevention of cross-section, loss of noodles, improvement of luster, making noodles hard to be boiled, keeping moisture of noodles and macaroni, and increasing toughness.

(4) The functions of biscuits, waffles, cookies, ice cream and cone: prevent raw materials from mucous membrane, easy to machine processing, improve surface texture; improve oil emulsification, reduce the amount of edible oil, increase the crispness and volume of biscuits, prevent color burning, prevent raw materials from sticking to mold, and reduce the crushing rate of dried cakes.

(5) The function of meat products (lunch meat, sausage, fish ball, fish stuffing, ham): make sausage, meat ball, fish ball fat disperse better, easy to process, maintain moisture, prevent starch aging, inhibit oil precipitation, prevent shrinkage and hardening.

(6) Function of puffed food and fried food: reduce the viscosity of flour, easy to shape and reduce the crushing of finished product.

(7) The function of milk, milk powder, yogurt and other milk substitutes containing emulsified beverage machine: to improve the fat content, increase the whiteness and taste fullness.

(8) Function of edible oil: prevent oil-water separation, prevent splashing during frying, improve daub ability, and have good compatibility with other additives. It is widely used in cake oil, bread oil, moon cake skin oil, margarine and other special oils.

(9) The function of baked food: prevent aging, crisp, reduce gelatinization temperature, soften wheat husk, improve internal texture, promote yeast fermentation, shorten baking time, prevent drying, improve fat crispness, increase dough volume and homogeneity, facilitate cutting and molding, and prevent aging.

(10) Function of instant food: inhibit caking, improve wettability and accelerate dissolution.